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Creating National Water Commission

A recent report suggests merging the Central Water Commission (CWC) and the Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) into a new organisation to be called the National Water Commission. Shripad Dharmadhikary comments on the report.

Water Environment

Our present and terrifying danger
With the tension between India-Pakistan rising, Darryl D’Monte reports a recent discussion about the confrontation between these two nuclear states.
Nat. Security Peace

Have we gained or lost?
Pradeep Baisakh looks at the effects of the economic reforms started 25 years ago.

Lessons for rural electrification from a weaving village
If electrification drives remain focused only on village electrification, connections and lighting, 'Gaaon Ka Vikaas Garv Ke Saath' will remain just rhetoric. Anjali Sharma, Ann Josey, and Sreekumar N report.

The right to water for life
The Draft National Water Framework Bill, put out for public comments recently, represents an important and progressive step forward despite some shortcomings and challenges involved in its implementation, writes Shripad Dharmadhikary.
Water Environment

A misplaced emphasis on highways?
Why does the government continue with its blind focus on highways and expressways when infrastructure for water supply, waste management and mass transit system is in desperate need of attention? Kannan Kasturi criticises the government's prioritization and says there is more to public infrastructure than just highways and expressways.

How badly designed and unsafe
The 30th and 5th anniversaries this year of the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear power plant accidents respectively are the right occasions to examine India’s record in this sector, writes Darryl D’Monte.
Energy Environmental Hazards Environment

Tribal seat reservation issue rakes up storm in Sikkim
The long pending issue of Limbu-Tamang tribal seat reservation in the Sikkim legislative assembly has to be resolved within the next four months as per the latest orders given by the Supreme Court. Soumik Dutta writes about how this could change the political scenario in Sikkim.
Adivasis Sikkim

Jharkhand looks at better planning to aid NREGA outcomes
A three-day planning process undertaken as part of a state-wide campaign called “Yojana Banao Abhiyan” to plan for NREGA implementation in every village in Jharkhand has sensitized the people and authorities to the potential of the scheme and recharged local democratic institutions. Ankita Aggarwal reports.
Labour Issues Public Funds JHARKHAND

Ishrat Jahan case: Is the political furore skirting the core issue?
The Ishrat Jahan case has again hit the headlines with former home minister P Chidambaram being accused of rewriting an affidavit to prove the 19-year-old’s innocence. But the legal probe into whether she was a victim of an extra-judicial killing seems forgotten. Ramesh Menon presents a recap and investigates where things stand now.
GUJARAT Human Rights

No matter who’s ruling, they just won’t brook dissent!
2009 – mid 2014: UPA. Mid 2014 – present: NDA. This map will show you that irrespective of who’s at the helm, national policies and issues considered sacrosanct are not open to debate in our country.
People Society

Ration to cash, a harsh transition
In September 2015, the central government announced a pilot programme of providing direct cash transfers in place of food grains in an attempt to reform the Public Distribution System. Centre for Equity Studies (CES) recently conducted a survey of this pilot programme in Chandigarh. Shikha Nehra of CES reports the key findings from the survey.
Food Security Poverty

How sustainable are the SDGs?
Can we look at ending poverty without looking at the structural reasons and dimensions of poverty and inequality? Pradeep Baisakh looks at this and at other objectives within the UN SDG framework and analyses how realistic their achievement would be.
Agriculture Environment Poverty

Creating National Water Commission
To audit or not to audit
Rallying for people’s rights
Diversion of funds mars tribal welfare plans
One year of the Modi government: Between the cup and the lip
Coal-based power plants: What is the government missing?
Is Europe staring at a second Renaissance?
The promises of Tadri: Mirage or reality?
Is environment protection on our agenda at all?
Looking beyond ‘Chindia’s’ common cause on climate
It’s not only books and films that are censored!
The real challenges to sustainable development
MHA: A Ministry for Hounding Activists?
Will free trade allow free voices too?
Making power supply data a tool for progress
The holes that make our coasts vulnerable
The alleged sell-out that has left our fishermen fuming
Why you may want to write to TRAI right now
Ignoring the institutions that can save our coastal regions
Rethinking food security and hunger
Time to write an obituary for AAP?
Can FDI really spur ‘Make in India’?
What will it mean to have India as a ‘security provider’?
Where is teaching headed in the Modi regime?
The bus that brought in transparency in J&K flood relief
CAG report on Odisha: Will legislators take note please?
Why the land acquisition law is a threat to several others
Does the government really want to protect whistleblowers?
Budget 2015: Does it have enough to turn vision into reality?
Highlights from the Union Budget 2015
A broad vision for a better experience
Swachh Bharat: What are we missing?
Will the Aam Aadmi Party deliver true 'swaraj'?
Who will benefit from the ‘Manhattanisation’ of Mumbai?
What’s turning women in labour away from hospitals?
For the love of the seed industry
Is this committee overestimating leakages in ration to curb the food security act?
Challenges of the brass in a political minefield
When people are merely roadblocks
SEZ today, gone tomorrow!
'Krisis': Can Greece inspire India?
Pursuing development: The perils of the beaten track
Missing: Intellectual Property Rights with a social lens
What ails Sikkim’s Teesta hydropower project?
What the maritime 'non-incident' on New Year’s Eve tells us
What the new processes mean for the dispossessed
Will 2015 be a year of hope?
A critical role for India at the helm of a new order
“We don’t need toilets, give us electricity and water”
SC verdict puts the spotlight on Bangla immigrants in Assam
Those brooms may not be enough to clean our waste!
How much do you know about the air you are breathing?
‘Lighting up’ the lives of the poor
Defining, celebrating and protecting our rivers
Finding the right reasons for reform
Who decides where your city ends?
A time to take up the reins
Are there smarter ways to run our cities?
Where the fight against extremism is far from over
Is lower inflation here to stay?
Crying out for clarity
What’s in a name, really?
Who will lead the anti-corruption agenda in the health sector?
Kerala: A murky ‘state’ of affairs
A lot needs to be done to realise Modi’s dreams for Khadi
If the Ganga is so hot, can the Yamuna be far behind?
Can PM Modi pull it off?
When a finance minister lectured auditors
A better life through literacy
The vision for our villages
Will the government heed calls to save rural jobs?
An old policy Modi must hold on to
What will it take to make our cities really smart?
Preparing the framework for a new Ganga vision
The laws we forgot we had
Can Mumbai become a global city?
A season of change
The CAG memoirs: A committed crusader’s log
No liquor, no drinking?
Sunburn warning for India’s day in the sun
An uncertain future for our fauna
Who will broaden their horizons?
Why a depoliticised police force is a distant dream
What good is an auditor without information?
Tracking fears, hopes and facts in a new state
Is the lack of human resources choking your city?
Indo-Pak talks: Getting past the eyewash
All set to lose out on the gains?
What our cities are crying out for
Clearance revoked, but you can still have the forest land!
If you want food security, why not have food coupons?
Two states with healthcare for one
When a tsunami is manufactured
'E' is for efficiency, but what about empathy?
No big bang in Jaitley’s budget
What we should score Arun Jaitley on
Why UPA’s folly could be Modi’s too
Spewing venom, leaders remain above hate speech laws
Could Aadhaar be the game changer for footloose labour?
How Sikkim’s casino dream turned sour
Why the IB report is undemocratic
Removal of Governors: What does the law say?
Are Indians accountability-challenged?
The many nails in the UPA coffin
Corruption: Do we really care?
Can farmers look ahead to “acche din” as well?
The message from voters in 2014
Voices Modi and Kejriwal must listen to, beyond the noise
How an MLA hopeful lost the race even before he could contest
Why voters in Telangana are still puzzled
India’s “third gender” enters poll fray with new hope
What sways the urban voter?
Chennai voters wary of disappearing acts
Can educated MPs do more for education?
Homecoming election for Harvard professor, courtesy Mamata
What they say about the things that really matter
Women MPs: At par, but rare still
How parties are wooing the young voter
Leading from the capital
Will the Western Ghats decide Kerala’s mandate?
Why Bihar’s child is different from Himachal’s
Could Modi be a development disaster?
Rampant diversion, tardy reforestation in Himachal
Rating our MPs: A few ground truths
Tracking Chennai’s faces in Parliament
Not just one party or the other!
The not-so-glittering stars in Parliament
Let the fight go on
Of Hyderabad’s ‘Sansad Ratna’ and his peers
NaMo-RaGa brand war drowns out Assam’s cries
How well do you know your MPs, Kolkata?
When a river is reduced to an adjective
Mr. Leader, I have a question...
Pragmatism over principles is the norm today: Usha Ramanathan
Could being ‘right’ be wrong for AAP?
What has your MP done for you?
New body should have better pay, more autonomy
Lessons from the "other" Indo-Pak conflict
UP NREGS: Whither guidelines?
Spaced out in Mumbai
Does the loser take it all?
Exploring state-people relations
"Compelling citizens to take an Aadhaar card is unconstitutional"
Nothing to audit
Is CCI a bypass lane for the laws?
Building towns to save our cities
Competing effectively in MP panchayats
Fewer takers for NREGS after long wage delays
Can accreditation ensure accountability?
Bharat Nirman: The numbers don't lie
NREGA workers kept waiting for wages
The Telangana prophecy: Will more states mean more conflict?
Why Assam burns again
Seeking new homes in Hyderabad
Six months for a job card?
River basin management: Missing the boat
Why the Current Account Deficit matters to you and me
Solar scam heat scorches Kerala
Promises made to be broken
NaMo Narmada: Who gains?
President Mukherjee must reject the Food Security ordinance
The State is snooping: Can you escape?
New report on POSCO - who's listening?
Uttarakhand tragedy: How we ignored the writing on the wall
MIS = Too many mistakes!
Modi-Nitish Kumar 'shadow boxing' to continue: Dr. Sandeep Shastri
Court battle likely after CIC's RTI ruling
Big Brother watching you, but who watches him?
No respite from hunger
Old trick, new attack
"I am neither an atheist nor a theist"
Both of India's politics on display in KA
Why India needs an alternative model of development
Corporate interests rise above all
Bangalore's MLA races may spark change
Winds of change in killing fields
The strange case of India's missing dams
Chidambaram's lip service to his own goal
Cauvery: Preferring politics to solutions
Law, justice, and the 'placebo' of compensation
Is India at its 'progressive moment'?
Should bribe-givers be let off?
Police forged complaint to arrest reporter
Tamilnadu's striking progress in welfare
Complaints? Who's listening?
Clearing the view
Bangalore's graduate MLC race has stark contrasts
Is Mumbai growing anymore?
Karnataka Lokayukta report may go in vain, feel some
Static in the 3G signal
Measuring how netas perform
How valid is the criticism?
The Lokpal we will finally get
Setting the stage on fire
What Digvijay Singh forgot to tell the PM
What powers must the Lokpal have?
Who won? Politics.
Pie in the planning sky
Honest is, as honest does
Jharkhand's "government by fiction"
Wounded pride, or vanity?
More responsibilities, less funds
Planning for Mumbai
Is the LDF coalition’s confidence wearing thin?
Bombay HC sets aside dubious circular
Narmada authorities allowed to proceed with impunity
Starvation stalks Balangir, government in denial
Democracy in the deep woods
Embankments that doom the people
Gas clouds over the government
e-Governance impact beginning to show
A town full of surprises
Once bitten, twice not shy
Civil litigation? No, thanks.
The great Goan land scam
The importance of Hyderabad
Questions of policy
Sehore: Once vibrant, now in disarray
Elections 2009: A grand success
Nagas revere this bureaucrat from the mainland
Jumping into the fray themselves
Big money seeks common man's blessing
SC keeps door open on negative voting
Parastatals and task forces - the new decision-makers
Reckless borrowing, unholy redemption
High-rise fantasies
A mother's plea: protect our seafarers from pirates
Models of reform
CAG conference: Caged tiger, much ado
For the people, by the government?
Mumbai's eye in the sky
Scamming the law, pretext of inability
A run on the Yamuna banks
Kosi breaches repeatedly, governments merely fiddle
'Street' fight in Bangalore
Old Port Trust lands on the dock
Early gains from Forest Rights Act
Unanswered questions, forgotten middle path
The law on horse-trading
Still fighting, in a maze of law and usury
CAG indicts SEZ policy
Modi's secession?
Lessons from good telecentres
CAG report slams Vidarbha waiver package
CAG: Compensatory afforestation a hoax in M.P.
Neither law nor justice
Assam's poorest district moves forward
No future without a past
Government itself to blame for backlog of cases
Living under constant threat of eviction
Getting the roll call wrong
Telecentre musings
Managing global cities
Privatisation in the Krishna basin is recipe for conflict
Resettlement policy: promising start, and a let down
Rioters against ration dealers
NREGA battling cancerous corruption in Orissa
SEZs: A history of injustice and abuse
Paying no heed to groundswell of opinion
State governments unwilling to relinquish control
Playing politics with floods
Grounded till thirty
Women leaders denounce amendment to panchayat law
Re-engineering the Comptroller and Auditor General
Mumbai sinking
In Maharashtra, the government loves calamities
Privatisation turns murkier in K East ward
The willful breaking of Narmada promises
A mortal blow to Panchayat Raj
A red dawn that set too soon
A model for sanitation for the urban poor
Hope in the season of hopelessness
Replying with bullets
Telangana by-election hits tobacco warning
Mumbaikers mobilise for civic polls
TB: gravest danger to India - II
TB: gravest danger to India
India's pro-asbestos position sets back international treaty
RG/PG - new twist to land grabs
Drains that dewater the state exchequer
Myths about police work
Grinding questions for a grand Authority
Acquiring offices for profits
Mission not accomplish-able
Our best hope for urban India
Unreasoned push for large storage projects
Iodised salt: The lesser known facts
Shunglu committee : familiar fait accompli
Emphasis on mixed use needed
A forum of diminishing value
Thwarting women in power
States unhappy with centralised clearances
Monsoon worries once again
Farmers' win in court boosts morale
How things change in government
Crime in the city
No need to amend the 'Office of profit' law
Pune's draft development plan under a cloud
Police reforms book a breath of fresh air
Bureaucracy stands in the way of benefits
Selling piped water or pipe dreams?
Police reforms: creative dialogue needed
To serve and protect
Between sting and scam
Between sting and scam
CAG audits of PSUs must stay
Criminals as leaders -- yet again?
Pradhans under the eyes of Asha Ashram
Envisioning a different city
Bangalore: Whither the future?
Delhi water project soaked in controversy
For the people, by diktat
RTI law: the long road ahead
Pass the (iodised) salt, please
Good governance, by the book
A city's recipe for watery disaster
Combating terrorism : lessons from London
Floods in Sutlej, made in China
Breathing new life into ward committees
Public prosecution - in need of reform
Mixed results for municipal water reforms
Defence budget leaves out Rs 26,000 crores
Cracks in the CAG's scanners
TN's e-Gov experiences spotty, but ongoing
RTI finding : Cities subsidising the rich
Making utilities accountable
Citizens' forum to support whistleblowers
5-month old Kerala government : wavering
Accelerated corruption, a trickle of irrigation
Urban services: Too many cooks
A classroom for leaders
PC or PC? Who sets the policy?
A ‘shocking’ development
Local water: battle of scales
Leaky rural water supplies
Knowing our legislators
Less populous, more powerful
Taken for a taxing ride?
Revamping municipal delivery systems
More reforms, says Election Commission
Right-to-information or disclosure?
Delivering change
Everybody loves a good calamity
The electoral roll farce
Second generation reforms: delivery
Environment and the new Government
A uniform betrayal
Municipal budgets and poverty
Janaagraha spreads out
Could these candidates be lawmakers?
Elections : the Kerala story
Frequencies of expectation
Andhra's electoral earthquake
Talk: Decriminalising Indian politics
Why this election is different
A new property map for Karnataka
Land, law and planning
Voting : Frequently asked questions
Watching the candidates
Despising politicians is dangerous
Infotech and creating resources
Fighting crime on the tracks
Reporting the crime
Government : simpler and cost-effective
Undermining a fine system?
Systems for better governance
A collective enterprise
Lad-ders of indiscretion
Rescuing the police force
New federal roadmaps
Seven lakh voter entries corrected
Historic, unparalleled and more
A progressive law for local planning
Ending municipal water shortages
AP's largest signature campaign
Electronic land
K R Puram's local elections
The transformation of Mendha-Lekha
Delhi's citizens acting en-masse
Nothing intractable or immutable
Public verification of electoral rolls
Seek and hide
Curtail autocratic party bosses
Better accounting paying off
Civil society and political parties
Liberalization, literacy, governance
Societal flaws, stalled citizenship
Testing your municipality's work
Tomorrow's citizens participate today
Better, not just different
The Indian state : Founded on activism
Hyperactive state, governance crisis
PROOF : The Citizen-Government bridge
Strengthening communities - A biz model
So you want to vote
Better lived than talked about
Fiscal deficits and decentralization - II
Interview : Ugly duckling to swan
Govt and Non-Govt Organizations : Partnerships
Productivity of our public services
Public Services : The final assessment
More stories of Parivartan
Voting and the public good
PROOF: Q3, Sustaining the partnership
What ails our Public Services? -- II
Corruption and public services
Public services in a weak civil society
Democratising the Panchayats
What ails our Public Services? -- I
Reinventing Rural Governance
Improving Accountability in Panchayati Raj
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