06 December 2016
Travesty of justice

With over 2.19 crore pending cases, the Chief Justice of India pleads again to fill the numerous vacancies in the judiciary at the earliest. Ramesh Menon reports.

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Manipur: Rattled and torn
It has been more than nine months since a political crisis has snowballed into a battle between the tribals and the non-tribals of Manipur creating sharp divisions. Ramesh Menon surveys the fragile situation.
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Telling tales from the Northeast
Shoma Chatterji writes about the challenges faced and efforts being made in the Northeastern states of India to encourage and support film making.
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Of animals and lesser animals: Shaktimaan and his brothers
The shocking physical abuse inflicted on police horse Shaktimaan has rightly created a furore in society. But cruelty towards animals does not just manifest itself in stray, isolated incidents. Shoma Chatterji draws attention to the treatment of animals in film making and stresses the need for strict monitoring.

Lucknow’s new landmark Sheroes upholds the indomitable spirit of humanity
Manjari Singh reports on the opening of the Lucknow branch of Sheroes Hangout, a café run and managed by acid attack survivors under the guidance of the humanitarian organisation “Stop Acid Attacks”.
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In the aftermath of a hooch tragedy
In a terrible, but not-so-rare tragedy in rural West Bengal, 170 people lost their lives after consuming illicit liquor. But what actually happens after an incident such as this? Cholai, a well-researched black comedy, reveals the moral and social degradation that cuts across spheres, writes Shoma Chatterji.
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The Supreme Court just made it easier for you to save lives; here’s how!
You don’t have to fear police harassment if you report or help an injured accident victim. You don’t even have to reveal personal details unless you wish to testify. Here’s a summary of the “Good Samaritan” guidelines that the apex court has now made compulsory for states to follow.
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Chennai girls learn to land a solid punch
These days, select impoverished neighbourhoods in Chennai have become the nursery of future champion boxers. Girls in these neighbourhoods are receiving training in boxing, something that has given them the confidence to stand up for themselves and dream big, reveals Hema Vijay.

No matter who’s ruling, they just won’t brook dissent!
2009 – mid 2014: UPA. Mid 2014 – present: NDA. This map will show you that irrespective of who’s at the helm, national policies and issues considered sacrosanct are not open to debate in our country.
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Eradicating caste from people’s minds
Casteism and the state of our civil society were the major issues discussed at the recently held Difficult Dialogues Conclave in Goa. It was organised by the South Asia Centre of the London School of Economics India Summit 2016 and the Television Trust for the Environment. Darryl D’Monte, who participated in one of the panel discussions, reports.

Yes, it is a caste issue!
Rohith Vemula's death was the end of his dreams of becoming another Carl Sagan. But so many other dreams have perished because of caste-based persecution that has been a blight on higher education and professional practice in this country. Shahina Nafeesa's touching personal essay, translated by Renu Ramanath, brings out deeply disturbing realities.
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Romila Thapar on the importance of speaking out
A one-on-one with India’s most well-known historian, Romila Thapar, who shares her thoughts on intellectuals protesting the growing communal discord, the ever-shrinking “liberal space” and the need for a dialogue that defines pluralism in the Indian context with Rashme Sehgal.

Can we do something for those we cannot do without?
In an upper to middle income household a domestic help and her services are indispensable. Yet, she is not given the diginity, living wages and other benefits one gets in the organised sector. Pushpa Achanta talks to the activists working for the domestic workers' rights to find what it will take to recognise these rights in our society.
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India Together offers an excellent forum for people from diverse fields of expertise to present their views, share their experiences and raise questions about where our country and society are headed in the future.
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