Yes, it is a caste issue!

Rohith Vemula's death was the end of his dreams of becoming another Carl Sagan. But so many other dreams have perished because of caste-based persecution that has been a blight on higher education and professional practice in this country. Shahina Nafeesa's touching personal essay, translated by Renu Ramanath, brings out deeply disturbing realities.

People Caste

Romila Thapar on the importance of speaking out
A one-on-one with India’s most well-known historian, Romila Thapar, who shares her thoughts on intellectuals protesting the growing communal discord, the ever-shrinking “liberal space” and the need for a dialogue that defines pluralism in the Indian context with Rashme Sehgal.

Can we do something for those we cannot do without?
In an upper to middle income household a domestic help and her services are indispensable. Yet, she is not given the diginity, living wages and other benefits one gets in the organised sector. Pushpa Achanta talks to the activists working for the domestic workers' rights to find what it will take to recognise these rights in our society.
Livelihood Urban Poor

A human gaze
Harsh Mander's new book Looking Away: Inequality, Prejudice and Indifference in New India talks about the growing inequality and the lack of compassion amongst the rich for the poor in India. Darryl D'Monte reviews the book which despite its candidness about the grim realities offers a message of hope and promise.
Reviews Books

From Hema to Hemiya, the complex world of Indian names
What's in a name? Apparently a lot in a country like ours, where even today regressive practices like identifying a person's caste by his or her surname or identifying a woman by her husband's name continue unabated, writes Navya P K.

Pope’s Encyclical: Is this the push the world needed?
Pope Francis’s Encyclical ‘Care for our Common Home’ talks about poverty, social inequality, climate change, violence and other global crises mankind has created and proposes newer ways to resolve them. Ashish Kothari finds the Encyclical lacking in certain aspects but hopes that other religious and political leaders will learn to stand up and speak up like the Pope.
OP-ED Ashish Kothari

Are we celebrating too much too soon?
Can a ruling from the Supreme Court change the socio-cultural and psychological ramifications of unwed motherhood in India? Shoma A Chatterji probes deeper to find out the social and sociological impact of the ruling on the family.
Gender Laws and Policy Women

Elder abuse at home
Elder abuse is on the rise in India even as most senior citizens remain unaware of the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007 and redressal mechanisms. Reshmi Chakraborty and Nidhi Chawla took a look at findings from a recent survey and spoke to elder helpline counselors to find a bleak picture.

Are we even ready to talk about superstition?
Rolla Das and Suparna Banerjee comment on the rampant obscurantism and complete lack of informed public debate around the existing and proposed legislation in various states against social evils practised in the guise of religion and faith.
People Laws

Is Europe staring at a second Renaissance?
Across Europe, as economies find themselves tottering in the face of deepening financial and social crises, various alternative initiatives are gaining ground, providing hope for a different future. Ashish Kothari writes on some of these.
Government OP-ED

The Indian World Cup bid that you haven’t heard of!
For the first time ever, an Indian team will be flying to London to stake its claim in the Under-23 Ultimate Frisbee World Championships. Lavanya Donthamshetty has more on this remarkable sport and how the Indian team came together.

Let’s hear our children first!
Bengaluru-based The Concerned for Working Children believes that while ending child labour is a worthy goal, preventing children from all work without hearing them out on their actual circumstances could be a big mistake. Eden Ezsak spoke to Kavita Ratna of the CWC some time back.
Children People Laws

Is your blood sample flowing down the laboratory sink?
Unnecessary tests, forced hospitalisations to meet the targets set for employed physicians, and the infamous but real ‘sink test’: the shocking realities in the private healthcare sector are many, as Pavan Kulkarni finds out at a panel discussion on the issue. Is more regulation the need of the hour?
Health People

How deep does our prejudice run?
Keeping your child safe in the age of the Internet
MHA: A Ministry for Hounding Activists?
The story that tells you what our courts are really like
Must women play football in sarees?
Bringing spring back in the lives of India’s widows
Confluence of hope: Converging for a better world
Give us the strength!
Spotlighting tales of people’s resistance
Predicting rape on television!
Ain't no mountain high enough!
Where dignity is the first and most pressing need
How to avert the dangers of being an Internet user
Devotion and deception in the land of 'Godmen'
Sterilisation deaths: What’s new, after all?
Kerala: A murky ‘state’ of affairs
Can a court order end passive violence?
Muslim women fight patriarchal Sharia laws
A trend highlighted in the Jadavpur University moment
What it means to be old and alone in the city
Petitioning God!
No liquor, no drinking?
Surrogacy: The real picture
Building a library a day
Should our anti-dowry law shield husbands too?
In search of the missing link
Spewing venom, leaders remain above hate speech laws
Are we just blind persons feeling an elephant?
The women who choose petrol over perfume
There’s always one to clear your mess!
How Sikkim’s casino dream turned sour
Facebook arrests: Could you be next in line?
Voices Modi and Kejriwal must listen to, beyond the noise
The economics of a strong democracy
A scheme for a better parliament
“What about our dreams of a free Tibet?”
Thank you, Khushwant-ji
Bodies for sale, by men too
When a Dalit family approaches the police
Politics, through the eyes of Bihar’s Dalit students
The Olympic medals India won and ignored
Helping Pardhi children aim for the sun
Lone crusader warns school-goers against substance abuse
The Indian feminist who took on Oxford
Why are so many elderly men killing themselves?
To deliver on health, understand it first
Where did all the women go?
Can India learn from its neighbours?
Why trolls have it so easy
Where the young don’t want to live
The tale of an acid-attack survivor
Female and fearful In Mamata’s Bengal
A deeper look at the Tamil student stir
'Pearl of water' transforming lives
Remembering Rituparno (1963-2013)
Ballia: Chasing elusive dreams
Crying for care
A village with 60 millionaires!
Both of India's politics on display in KA
Orphans of our society
The role of individuals towards a better life
Shielding campuses from violence
Of sports, passion and reality
No welfare for social welfare workers
Professional or mercenary?
Theyyam revived: A step backward?
Promoting philanthropy in India
Re-imagining India with new data
Srirangapatna: Through prisoners' eyes
A good school for Maqbool
Is India at its 'progressive moment'?
Imperious authoritarianism in the garb of modernity
Norway episode: Problem of evolving societies?
How strong is society, really?
Not your land anymore
The saffronisation of green
A life beyond prison
Last 'woman' on stage
It's not fun anymore
Twice blessed
Trapped from all sides
Theatre, for the people
When theatre is a container for human concerns
The Anna Hazare phenomenon
On secular fatwas
The masculinisation of India
Salvager of India’s dying temple heritage
A drama on campus
The fading beat of the dhaki
Haunted by the riots
Institutional ethics
Expand the moral commons
Kashmiri identity and the onslaught on women
Politics: In need of revival
Institutional order and disorder
A spate of witch-hunting assaults
Boxing their way forward
The unkindest cut of all
Social banditry
A Kerala land struggle is 'settled', questions remain
Lalgarh: Deprived of a peace of life
Where are tribal women in Indian politics?
Mayawati: A Dalit's daughter strides towards Delhi
A Sri Lankan refugee provides refuge
Securing live-in relationships
The Hindu Jinnah?
Praja Rajyam: Caste-ing a political net
Living-in: Shades of grey
Eyes and ears, on wheels
Islamic elegies for social justice
Taking dance beyond boundaries
Caste as race
Whose films are these, anyway?
Long disenfranchised, and struggling for ST status
Kerala's development paradox
When I'm sixty-four
The evolution of violence
Landless and fighting, as ground beneath shifts
No reason to be MIFFed
A rosy narrative
Codifying indigenous ways of building
The ultimate shaadi point for those in love
The discrimination 'curriculum' in M.P.'s schools
HIV: Looking beyond numbers
In memory of Nati Binodini
Orissa's Niyamgiri tribals await apex court verdict
Us, them and us
The ideas of the Indians
Illicit liquor brewing despair in Attappadi
Young, male and deadly
Parents and Senior Citizens Bill, 2007
State has no religion
Scuttling the law, officials evict tribals
Nandigram, an atrocity on dalits
Katta panchayats denying relief to women
Devadasis uniting to end 'dedications'
From spirited festival to drab conference
Premature menopause risks rising: study
Condom Ads: missed messages
Is it too late for Jharkhand's adivasis?
Move to amend tribal land law dangerous
Irula panchayat heads push for upliftment
A journey of courage
The theatre of hope
The tribal world and imagination of the future
An opportunity and a necessity
Dalit Christians: SC or not?
Sermons for the distressed souls
Remembering Janam
Horrifying face of the dammed river
A marriage of her choice
The right to dance
Parenthood sans prejudices
Whose Gujarat?
Reservations and the 'politics of illusion'

The transformation of Kavthepiran village
Turning old into gold
Scientific interest surging in yellow magic
Gonds nourish aspirations at annual fair
Ruth Manorama, voice of Dalits
Weaving woes on the handlooms
Low-cost, these dams are lifelines
From saree weaver to leader
Covering the silent revolution
The kanwarias: such a long journey
Caste: Don't ask, don't tell
1000 year-old tradition keeps them together
Nomads together
Little space for grassroots innovations
4 years old, miles to go
Changing notes of music education
Do reservations work?
The curse of manual scavenging
Defying labels, defining themselves
Why their kids are dying
The road to destruction
Troubled Islands
Orienting your board member
During the past year ...
A helpful experience
Press Release: AID 5th Annual Conference
For tribals, only paper pledges
On board the non-profit
Tribal autonomy a step for peace

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