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Where dignity is the first and most pressing need

While debates over legalisation of sex work and rehabilitation of women in the trade continue without much tangible impact, sex workers themselves carry on the fight to win legitimacy, safety and social security. Pushpa Achanta brings us some voices from the twilight zone.

Gender Law and Policy Society

How to avert the dangers of being an Internet user
A recent UGC-sponsored seminar on the incidence of cyber crime, hosted in Kolkata, drew attention to the safeguards to be adopted as also the right procedure to be followed in order to obtain redress. Amrita Mukherjee reports.
Law and Order Laws Media Society

Sterilisation deaths: What’s new, after all?
The death of 14 women in Chhattisgarh following botched sterilisation procedures has rightfully led to furore across the country. But a detailed, historical analysis of family planning as it has evolved, by Shoma A Chatterji, exposes an inherent and sustained gender bias in policy as well as practice.
Health Laws and Governance Women's Health Society

The many battles that Kashmiri female cops fight
A female police inspector from J&K, deployed in a peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan, has recently won a prestigious international award. Yet, her story holds little meaning for fellow women officers back home who fight social stigma, poor pay and gender bias at work every day. Shazia Yousuf reports.
Law and Order J & K

Muslim women fight patriarchal Sharia laws
Several women’s groups are now fighting the age-old gender bias perpetuated by Sharia law and finding ways to help Muslim women who have suffered due to its patriarchal dispensations. Pushpa Achanta reports on some of these, including one which proposes a codification of such law, reinterpreted.
Justice Gender Laws and Policy Society

Visualising the many layers of a brutal world for women
Does inequality engender crime? S Venkatraman presents a graphical exposition of data from a recent WEF report and the NCRB to unravel the many layers of inequality and violence against women in India.
Law and Order Gender Violence

In search of the elusive female traveller
Most Indian languages do not have a specific word for the female traveller. The traveller is by definition male, a fact that provokes Namrata R Ganneri to delve deeper into the gendered nuances of travel and its implications for women.
Tourism Work+Life

When expecting mothers fight graft to secure prenatal care
In Jahangirpur Gram Panchayat of Bihar’s Kishanganj district, Rs 30 lakh meant as cash incentives for pregnant Muslim women had already been misdirected, when a community-driven project launched by Oxfam decided to tackle the corruption head on. Ajitha Menon reports.
Public Funds Women's Health

What it means to be old and alone in the city
Elderly individuals leading solitary lives in our cities are desperately in need of an assurance of safety and a better support system, overall. Rakhi Ghosh speaks to a few such people in Bhubaneswar, as she tries to fathom their needs and expectations.

In search of Binodini and her peers
The leading ladies of Bengali theatre in the late 19th and 20th centuries presented an intriguing portrait of women caught between two worlds, liberated in a way, yet shackled in others. A recent performance as tribute to these artists leads Shoma Chatterji to reminisce their lives and times.
Art Creative Culture Women's films and books

Surrogacy: The real picture
Gita Aravamudan’s book Baby Makers is a bare-it-all picture of surrogacy in India, and exposes the multiple facets of the practice through the lens of a keen investigative journalist. Padmalatha Ravi shares more details about the volume.
Health Books Society

Why an abused employee feels let down by the judiciary
A recent HC ruling on the powers of the National Commission for Women, in regard to a case involving sexual harassment at the workplace, could have significant implications for gender justice in the long term. Revathi Siva Kumar looks at the facts of the case and the debate that it has stirred up.
Gender Laws and Policy Women's Representation

Women along the LoC: Battling climate change and landmines
For women living along the conflict-ridden borders of Kashmir, caught between cross fire and attempts to check infiltration, the threat of landmines is a constant reality, made worse now by environmental degradation. Chetna Verma’s tales expose their rising vulnerability.
Climate Peace J & K

Struggling against the double whammy of caste and gender
In search of the missing link
Spewing venom, leaders remain above hate speech laws
Are we just blind persons feeling an elephant?
A law to help women, but who is enforcing it?
The women who choose petrol over perfume
What surrogate parenting entails in India
Digging deeper into the law
Casting couch vs workplace abuse: A thin line
Mass marriages to prevent abuse: 550 and counting!
When a Dalit family approaches the police
The women left behind
Tales of the excluded
Left to languish in a foreign country
When will Indian politics wake up to climate change?
Rape laws have changed, but what about the judiciary?
The Indian feminist who took on Oxford
To deliver on health, understand it first
Where did all the women go?
The trauma never ends!
Why the death penalty stands for nothing
Why the death penalty stands for nothing
Whose dynasty is it anyway?
Why trolls have it so easy
The tale of an acid-attack survivor
Female and fearful In Mamata’s Bengal
An unequal disaster in the land of Chipko
Delhi, through women's eyes
Why women in this village can't cook dal
Discarding veils, embracing change
Ringing the bell against VAW
A different destiny in writing
Industrial Tribunal verdict raises hope
Chronicling the tears of Kashmiri women
The way ahead for women
What happened to Tomar's daughter?
Imprinting the women's view
Renaming Nakusa
Banding together, for their rights
Work is life
Setting their own paths
'Laws are a springboard'
Righting the wrongs in divorce law
Hidden behind a modest restaurant, decades of worth
Recognising the 'work' in sex work
What is a homemaker worth?
Going through with their pregnancies
Prayers answered: women enter Vaishnavite monastery
From fields to a BPO in 6 months
Kashmiri identity and the onslaught on women
Women’s reservation Bill – the 2010 story
Blast bole and bloom together?
Boxing their way forward
Saved by the women
Abortion law's grey zone: retarded mothers
Lakshadweep's Muslim women conquer the Earth
Securing live-in relationships
"Just let a woman be"
When a woman conducts the Nikah
Dismal breastfeeding rates hampering infant health
Skip the loo, my darling
Looking back at Hum Log
Looking back at Hum Log
A change in an inhuman tradition
Films from the fields
Work matters
NREGA shines for Tripura women
Karma Sutra
Diary of the displaced
Women warriors of the sea
No country for women
Girls count
What policies can inspire men?
A day in the life of a dhandewali
Dress code wars continue
"Every house should be a woman's organisation"
From silence to voice, taking stock
Living off prostitution
Invisible women
Unrecognised heroines
A world without women
The POTA families of Godhra
The 'invisible' half
Rigorous road to rehabilitation
Community work making brothels safer
Recording a woman's life
Fighting eve-teasing: rights and remedy
Adivasi women turn turmeric traders
Grounded till thirty
Guns and widows
Linkages between HIV-AIDS and gender violence
"I need my land, not money."
A rural B-school for women
Maid to suffer
Sex trade thrives in conflict-ridden Manipur
Super-moms of suicide country
Land titles don't come easy for farm widows
No place for single women
Women of U.P., unite!
Katta panchayats denying relief to women
Devadasis uniting to end 'dedications'
Rapist to victim: will you marry me?
'Gendered' health
Premature menopause risks rising: study
The tale of three widows
A storehouse of untapped potential
Training the millions left behind
Chhatisgarh's ray of hope
A mirage, in the guise of a law
An opportunity and a necessity
Making menopause easier
A suggestion for Munnabhai
Morning-after pills seized in Chennai
Less than half a voice
Our own Personal Law Board
Forced departures
Foeticide journeys
A marriage of her choice
Parenthood sans prejudices
Whose family, whose land?
A gallery of failures
Behind the lessening of true potential
'Poster' women
Through the eyes of women filmmakers
Charting their own course
Girls without power
Educating Mr. Modi
Orissa's draft resettlement policy is promising
Older women in the city
Testimonies of harassment
The silence around sex work
Dialogue of equivocation
Women speak out
Who cries when mothers die?
Neidonuo Angami, mother of peace
Good girls don't drink
Learning to be leaders
Gender Revolution, after White Revolution
Women in the audience
Mothers of the Earth
Restructuring society, post-tsunami
A newborn's first right
Are girl students safe?
Suryanelli verdict : justice overturned?
Gendered tsunami
A self-help success story
New paths for the women's movement
Working in the world : Chingrajpara's women
Sania's sisters
Peacing Assam together
Women's force for peace
Invisible sportswomen
New woman on top
Moving beyond the Koran
Young flesh in the trade
Gudiya's choice
Her mind, her country
Deeper resolve brings them water
More than the letter of the law
Not just a matter of choice
Instant justice
"Never" on the agenda
Raw deal for women journalists
Disempowering forest management
New govt's population control thrust
Can science be women-friendly?
Sense and nonsense
Gender - a Left priority
Talk: Status of Indian women's rights
One village, one computer
Migration, agriculture and women
Who is a feminist?
The silent revolution
Sex ratio: the hidden horrors
Time to reflect and celebrate
Artiste and activist
To make Kashmir smile
This irony beacons hope
Burqa-clad and empowered
A few good women
A failure of ethics and legislation
Latur : a long journey
Gaining ground on mental health
A tale of two trains
Gender norms worsen AIDS scenario
Men and rape prevention
A fuller record of our lives
Looking back, looking forward
Stemming campus violence
Something is changing
Rape and Delhi's urban environment
Hundred years of battle
By choice and circumstance
Women's Ways of Seeing
Bollywood's 'homely' heroines
Grounded at fifty
Flowers aren't enough
Girls get going
Making space for her in litigation
A cultural deficit

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